Computer programming languages and its types| computer languages

Computer programming languages and its types?

Computer  languages

Programming languages

A Program is setup instruction which is executed by a computer. The programming language is Way of communication b/w user and the computer is called Programming language. there are many computer languages available on this day.
computer languages
computer languages
Programmers use different Programming languages to develop different software, games, website, application, Music players, anti-virus other.
computer languages
computer languages

Low Level Language – Computer Languages

• Low-Level Language is close to the machine.
• It is machine-dependent.
• Not portable.
• It is difficult to understand by humans.
• Low-level language are two types of language machine language  and assembly language 

Machine language – Computer Languages

• It is the native language of the computer.
• It is also called binary language or 0 , 1 language.
• Machine language does not require any language translator.
• Difficult to understand by humans.
• Difficult to write a program in it.
• Program written in machine language is called object code.                  

Assembly Language – Computer Languages

• This language is the second generation of programming language.
• They are more standardized and easier to use than machine language.
• Easier to understand and use.
• Assembler is required to translate this language into machine language.

High-Level Language – Computer Languages

• This language is close to human language.
• User friendly and easy to write program.
• Machine independent.
• Easy to debug.
• This language is the 3rd generation of programming language.
• Ex: C, C++, Java, Python  etc.
• Assembler:- Assembler is used to convert assembly language code into machine code.
• Compiler:- Compiler uses to convert high-level language like (c, C++, java, python other) into machine code.
• Interpreter:-  An interpreter is a computer program that executes a statement line by line.

Ex: python, java, etc.

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