DOUBLE YOUR SMARTPHONE BATTERY LIFE | My battery-draining Android so fast?


Friends, today we will learn in this post how to double the battery life of your smartphone, today we will know in this post that some common and advanced methods will double the battery of the smartphone in full detail.



What is Charging and discharging cycle

Before telling friends how to increase the life of your smartphone battery, you should know what is the cycle of charging and discharging. What does it mean how life can increase if your 400-time cycle completes 20% Battery is your D grade, it means less 80% only. After 400 full charge cycles, what is this charging cycle now? ZERO TO is 100% full charging, it is called 1 charge cycle but parcel charging means you If the battery is taken from zero to 50%, then it is a charging cycle, etc. After charging 50% again, it will be a complete one cycle, then the waste thing is that when you charge, parcel charging means up to 20%. If the battery comes down, then start charging later

And now you can take up to 85% and then remove the charging back later. If you do this most important thing, then you will see that ZERO TO is 100% doing what you are doing and doing 20 to 85% of your life. At least it will increase by 20 percent, friends now talk about fast charging. Nowadays medium range phones come with fast charging.

Does it know

But friends do you know that the more stress the faster the stress gets, the more hits are generated on the battery and tell me one thing, try this hit the biggest anime of battery whenever you are charging the seat is not much. And because of that I always say that you use the cover and remove it and then charge the battery later.

Fast charger saves you time

And yes friends, a fast charger saves you time correctly but undue stress puts the same on top of your battery. I mean so much that when you need a fast charger, charge but if you use a slow charger, then your Battery life will increase if we compare which battery will last the longest in fast charging and slow charging, then it will last the longest battery in the charger.


Is it safe to charge the phone overnight?

Yes guys do not do overnight charging, if you have a slow charger, you can charge overnight if you want to charge the fast charger overnight then it would be very wrong for the battery because fast charger will charge the battery in 1 to 2 hours. While charging the slow charger for 6 to 8 hours, it is safe to leave your smartphone plugged into the charger overnight. Not good in case of fast charging if you use a slow charger.

Use the original charger and cable

I do not know how many times I have this thing, but friends who charge with the original charger that has come, do not use a third party aftermarket charger is a very important thing. It hurts your battery as much as what charger is important. Its cable and one thing as much as possible, do not keep your phone or the battery which is hot or in cold conditions. If you have hot or hot weather here, it means cold girl. If you are in Kashmir, snow falls out of charge. Do not charge the battery, do not do it too hot too cold does not feel good. It is not good for the battery.

If you take the phone and you do not have to use it for three-four months, then you turn it off and after three to four months you turn it on. When the phone is switched off, its battery is the battery of the smartphone. It means, keep a phone on, charge it, charge it again after 5 to 7 days, the battery will be more healthy, and if you keep it closed then its battery will degrade.


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Use dark wallpaper

Remember that the display eats up the most battery. If you use dark wallpaper in Amoled display, the battery will cost much less. Now let’s talk about the screen, many people have 100 percent brightness. I do not understand that most of the battery takes your display, brother auto-brightness is ok but what happens then light sensor takes more of your battery then on auto also You will be able to keep but use the best manual. It is more work but if you like battery life more then you have to do it all.


If you go into normal light, reduce the brightness, if you go out of the house, increase the brightness, friends. Whenever a software update comes, it should not be updated at all. First, see if there is a bug in the software update.

Use the light version

Today, I say one thing, do not use Facebook app, instead, you can use Facebook light and other light versions, go to the battery usage of the battery and see if there are any such apps that eat too much battery, it is very harmful. You deliver the screen timeout to your battery, this means that you have used it and the screen remains on after it stops after a while, then the screen timeout time is less than 20 to 30.

Sometimes if you put two or three minutes, then the display of it remains on and the battery runs out, you know that you are not going to get an axle of a charger for long.

Use saver mode

Saver mode comes in all phones nowadays, keep it in saver mode, if you have an old phone, the battery lasts only two to four hours. You will get change and your phone will be like new, you will get the same battery as when you got a new phone, you will get as much as before.



Why is my battery draining Android so fast?

Third-party apps can also get stuck and drain the battery. If your phone is draining the battery fast even after rebooting, check the battery information in the settings. If an application is using too much battery, remove it from the Android phone. And using saver mode, you can close apps running in the background.


How to increase battery life of phone?

1. Replace the battery.

2. Close apps running in the background.

3. Turn on Always-On Display.

4. Use the light version

5. Use a slow charger.

6. Lower the screen resolution.

7. Charger from 20 to 85%.

8. Use Saver Mode

9. Use Dark Wallpaper

10. Use original charger and cable

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