How to Get Fastest Mobile Data Speeds & Amazing Network

How to Get Fastest Mobile Data Speed
Friends, what is the most complex when you use a smartphone, among the top 3 companies are the
biggest companies that the speed of mobile data that I use in my internet connection is not so good,
there is a solution on that a little. You will be able to get some speed more by taking your phone here
and there, for that you need apps to do signal strength.
If you can get the most signal from the network
signal, then I know what I am going to tell you first, you will say that I know.

How to Get Fastest Mobile Data Speed

1. Speed ​​test

Speed ​​test what do you do Go do you do you go to speed test and you upload it automatically,
the download speed tells you but in speed test it is not only the downloaded and upload speed that
shows anything else yes Gives you that coverage map. It’s an important thing Coverage of whatever
mobile network you are using,
you get in the Map Speed ​​Test App, go down to the bottom tab and you
will get the other big thing that Live gives you whoever you are using in the background. Which app is
using the most mobile data, or it is to download uploads from the network, it shows you real time but
more than speed test, the app I like is the normal interface.

2. Open single

Yes of the open single signal, the same company that gives you the report service, that it is fast, it is
slow, it is not simple, I also liked OpenSignal in terms of accuracy, the download speed is good and the
upload speed is also good. The accompanying latency also shows you how much time it takes for a
Byte to come and go and I have seen that this which is OpenSignal is more accurate.
Another thing that opensignal tells you is that your towers are Exact coverage is more, it shows you on which side the
total coverage of your brother is, which tells you how much open coverage it is, definitely go and see
your tower which is very different due to it.  The speed you have is less, if you are away from the tower,
then your speed will be reduced and if you are near it will be fast and the benefit of OpenSignal from
above is that it has a compass. It tells you that brother go here You will find the signal is good,
I found it very beneficial

3. Signal strength

Lastly, the third app which has the same name as the signal strength, yes it is also a very good app,
it seems to be the best in it. it has a lot of visits. Tell you about the eject signal, your network
signal is OK. This media will not tell you all these things This means if you want to upload some
downloads, watch videos, upload some big files, then you go selectively to the place where Hi signal
is written and upload and download from there will be much faster.
And yes friends, Airtel has its own app, if you use it, then go to the Airtel Thanks App, you will know
that you use it, you will know how you felt and you use these apps, network speed in your place. It
will definitely tell how much you got in the comment box below

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