What is Joker Malware and how to avoid it? How it affects apps

Joker Malware

Today, we will talk about joker malware – the most dangerous malware in the world. In this post, I will explain why this malware is the most dangerous malware. Joker Malware Recording Today Google Play Store has removed 11apps from Play Store, which were infected by this malware, enters your mobile and your secret information means that you will automatically read your message.

Will read or can read any information related to the bank, then how to avoid this and which app you can avoid and if it is installed in your mobile, then how can you check it in this post? So complete reading this post completely will be very helpful for you. You will be surprised to know about it. Therefore, start reading the post without wasting time.


What is Joker Malware and how to avoid it? How it affects apps

 What is Joker Malware?

Joker malware is a mobile malware that enters through the Android application on the Play Store inside your mobile, the application that is installed in your mobile and it turns on such service on your mobile like Amazon Prime service is on the net. It automatically turns on the premium services that are its services.

Through your bank, money is also deducted in your mobile and the messages that come in, your message means by reading them automatically in these boxes, it activates the service, so there were many applications of this way on the Play Store which are now Removal has been done and even today 11applications have been removed, so maybe if you have an application in your mobile, then in this post I will tell you completely if you want to see the whole.


How to check whether your mobile is there or not, so I will tell you one way, picked up your mobile, go to Android device and play store, where you click on the menu, you will get an option to open the Play Protect Now If you click on the scan, your mobile will be scanned, all the applications will be scanned, if there is any application in it, it will detect itself in your mobile and will tell you that it was joker malware, it will affect you whether it is any If you are affected by any malware, remove it.


If you are new to the gadget world and want to watch such videos daily, a few days ago CSIS, a cyber-security company, has messaged Google about 24apps that contain inbuilt clown malware. It is called Joker Malware. The name is derived from Batman’s Joker. There is a reason behind the malware naming scheme. Like the film JOKER who steals money from a person, this malware also does the same. It steals money from your credit card or online wallet.

Now let us see how this joker malware operates?

The Google play store has removed these 24 apps. This 24 app has been downloaded by 470000 users. I am giving a complete list of these 24 apps. See if you ever installed or still use them. If you have used them, please check your online bank account for any money deductions. If you use them, uninstall the apps.


Google Play Store removed 11 apps on joker malware threat?

Removed apps list:


relax relaxation

cheery message




recover files


remindme alram



What is malware?

Malware is a type of malicious software. Which is designed to disrupt or control your computer system. It comes in many forms, usually hidden in another file or hidden as a harmless app. It works by taking advantage of technical or vulnerabilities in your hardware and operating system software.

What is Joker Malware and how to avoid it? How it affects apps


Which target your banking username and password. The key logger can record your keystrokes to get passwords, account numbers and more.

Attackers can use malware tools to gain control of your system. So your computer use malware used to send spam and launch mass attacks.

This is how malware enters your system. Entering our system upon running a file, opening an infected file, or clicking on an unsafe web link.


How do malware scan?

I’m going to show you how to remove it in just a second and whether you have it or not. By the way, you have to remember if I got this from a link in an email that was probably sent by a friend, or did I get it from a site other than Google Play?

One way to find out if you’ve got malware on Android devices.

Go to Android device and play store, if you click on the menu there, you will get an option, open it of Play Protect, now click on the scan like this, your mobile will be scanned, all applications will be scanned, if any such application in it, it will detect itself in your mobile and will tell you that it was joker malware.


Best malware removal tool? 

Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool is a free tool by which you can detect malware. Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool was created by Microsoft. It works for Windows operating system.

best malware protection

The best free anti-malware for your PC and phone.

Bitdefender Antivirus

360 security

Avira Free Security

Avg antivirus free

SpyBot Search and Destroy

Doctor cleaner.

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