How To Make Your Old Phone Fast Again – 7 Best Tips

Friends, when you take a new phone, it is very fast or super fast and so if you take a phone of 8000RS and 5000Rs also, it works well but the same is of a Flexible level or Medium level or Entry-level too. After months it slows down, sometimes it happens that it becomes difficult to walk.
so I am going to tell you, how is your Make Your Old Phone Fast, how will you be able to make it fast new, like writing this post The reason for this is that so many people ask me, my phone has been slow, what am I to do, what to do, I am going to tell you everything, it is 5-7 points, you check, I guarantee your mobile will be 100% fast. When the phone slows down, in 90% of the cases, if your storage is 16GB, the internal storage is 16GB, 32GB is 4GB, if it is over or has come to end, then your phone will slow down.
Make Your Old Phone Fast

Make Your Old Phone Fast

There are 7 tips for Make Your Old Phone Fast follow all tips.

Free internal storage

Free is the simplest thing that is your internal storage, it is very important that you use apps regularly, and the rest of the apps are at least 30-40 more than 50% once in 1 year. Uninstall is very important, along with a lot of Bluetooth, etc., we forget that too. Uninstall remove that too. Old video specials in your phone which come from WhatsApp, you have not seen but you Find out the storage that is full, find them and find everything out, not only friend
Get the photo you want from the video, break up with Google what you want, put it on the cloud, remove it from your phone’s internal storage so that the internal storage is free and your phone is fast, friends will tell you one thing. When the MicroSD especially if the hybrid sim slot is an SD card slot or a dedicated SD card slot is dead, then we would put a cheap ₹ 200 SD card but because of that the phone slows down, use fast micro SD card fast SD card. After that is done, you have also free your storage which is still a little slow, so what do you do?

Remove Extra Widget

So first of all there are a lot of widgets on your home screen, all the people use them, they do not even know that they are kept in the same way, because of that the phone runs slow, remove them.

Off animation

Secondly, there is no need for them in real, if you go to your settings and turn off the animation, you will only know that your phone is fast enough to tell you a few things, one on a regular day Often, the unused apps that you have meant that you kept using three to four apps, all of them remain on the ground, then they will be closed regularly, due to which the resources that are there will be less use of your phone and your phone Is it gonna be fast.

Warning: No Use Cleaner Apps

Yes, friends, I give you a warning, do not use cleaner apps, whatever they are, they reduce the clean, add more adware that is in your phone, there is no use for these, nowadays if you looked at 5 years ago, then something There used to be a benefit, but now all of these are of no use because the Android system itself has become so good that it cleans a lot of things itself, so why put cleaner apps that affect the battery and the system memory also drops.

Use Light Variants

The best practice is, if you watch videos using social media, you do a lot of things, then use light apps, yes, specifically I say about Facebook, this is so many battery accounts, do not ask. Do use Facebook lights twitter. Use light, use tick talk light, YouTube, use YouTube Go, gallery go, there are many light variants, you use them, due to which resources will be reduced, your phone will become faster.

No use launcher

Friends launcher we like very much because you can customize a lot, you can do a lot of animations, but those who are launchers, special third-party launchers will not say a lot of them. Use them so that your phone is fast.

Phone update

Finally, Always update your phone, but when any major update comes, it is also the case that your phone is made for an Android system or android-8 when android-9 will come, many settings will be changed. Before updating, do a little search that there are no bugs in it, it is very important to update those security updates, so update them are special security updates, sometimes the phone becomes very slow due to these updates. What would you give him a Sanjeevani booty and who is this Sanjeevani booty.

Phone hard reset

Sanjeevani booty is that reset your phone, whatever is the important thing, it will be saved and hard reset, after that your mobile will start running at 100% fast. Once you do it, see what happens if something happens. The problem is that after every four-five months a reset, if you do the phone, it is also good for the phone and is also good for you and thus will save your time.

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