Top 5 Professional Video Editing Apps for Smartphone

Top 5 Professional Video Editing Apps for Smartphone

Friends, today we will know in this post which are the Top 5 Professional VIDEO EDITING Apps for Android. And which video editor would be good for you.

Video Editing Apps

That’s why I have brought the top five Android video editing application so that you can take your editing skill to more next level and which is my favorite application among these five. That too I am going to tell you is the name of the first application in the top five video editing applications.

1. VivaCut – PRO Video Editing Apps

This application is very easy to use. You can learn this application very easily if you have to do very basic level editing in very basic. So the definitive application can be checked out. VivaCut PRO pray you can add a multi-level layer as well as you can do the framing there, which I liked the most is that you can do the framing in it which you do not know what the framing is, then you can search on youtube now There are a lot of things in keyframing. Which supports the application.

And your timeline remains very organized here and in this, you get the support of the framing as well as the chroma key. And can check out a lot of things. The text effect it has is very impressive. Provides a lot of features. Such as text video, transition, video adjustment, filters, music, speed control, picture in picture, slide show, animated text, etc.

Download Link:  VivaCut – PRO Video Editor, Video Editing Apps

2. Light Motion – Video Editing Apps

This application can say a little harder than the previous one so that the normal which comes basically is slightly above it. It’s editing, etc., which you can see here, in this you are a Motion truck baggage. Meaning there is action in the love story. You can do them here. Meaning that you can see like any here or here you will get to see a lot of icons, there are many that you get to see whatever the program says.

The Alight Motion application is the first motion graphics app for your smartphone, providing you with professional-quality, motion graphics, visual real effects, video editing, and video compositing. You can keyframe any photo to a video according to your own, here you can see the picture of adjusting the color. There are more visual effects here that you can try. What can you do to them by going there and the landing mood works here in a very good way.

That too you check out and you know this application related problem. You can see many of the dieting classes where the video is available. I liked the application of its related that you can convert it into a lot of GIF photos and videos, etc. Like the first application here, you can do basic to advanced level video editing. And if you want to use the premium feature etcetera in it, if you do not want the watermark etcetera, then you can buy it, so let’s go now. Which is the next application.

Download Link: Alight Motion on the App Store

3. Power director – Video Editing Apps

Power director editor is a video editing application. The interface of this application is very cool. There is a lot of flash video that can be seen here, from normal editing to high video editing. Through this application, you can create high-quality video editing, cinematic look, combine clips, 4K quality video.

With the Power Director Video Editing Application application, you can do advanced level video editing and graphic designing, you can add level and make video editing very high level. The Power Director video editing application was developed by Cyber ​​Link which is a trustworthy and very good company.

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If you want to use them, VivaCut PRO and Alight Motion will learn the maximum version of it in 2 to 3 days if you want to use it, then you know. If you want a good thing, you will have to spend a lot of money but it does not cost that much. So his paid memberships can be taken.

There is nothing special here, if you talk about some of its extra class features, then there are many such items that are not on this application. I will not recommit you that this application of color grading is our number one application, it will be best for color grading, I am going to tell it to you, then, first of all, I will tell you that.

Download Link: PowerDirector® – Easily Create Amazing Video

4. KineMaster – Video Editing Apps

Kine Master Video Editor application is a popular and very easy to use application, through it you can do 4K video editing, you can do video editing on your phone, tablet, laptop, or PC. Kine Master is a multimedia software. Kine Master Video Editing Applications: You can do advanced level video editing and graphic designing, you can add level and make video editing a very high level. The Key Master Video Editing application was developed by CyberLink which is a trusted and very good company. 

You can enjoy features such as green screen and motion designing and color grading through the Keyin Master Video Editing application, it is very easy to use all of these in Master because its interface is very simple and you can add multiple layers and There is also an option, you can download and check this application.

You can easily download all these applications from Play Store or the Internet. These are some of the top 5 video editing applications that you can use on your mobile. Top 5 which is my favorite. So right now you think your favorite among them. According to your work, you can select the one that will fit you well.

Download Link:  Kinemaster for PC -Free Download & Install

5. Adobe premiere pro – Video Editing Apps

Adobe Premiere Pro is the first video editing application that is the main region. First I am telling you, you can run it on your computer, you can run it on your phone and whatever your tablet is. That you are doing on your computer at your work in college etc, where you go, then you can run it on your device on the time.

As if your tablet is done because a Creative Cloud project is made, due to which you can use Adobe Premiere Pro anywhere. Put on and it has a timeline. Editing took place just like the same to be a premier pro, so I tell you that I have never done video editing on my phone in my life, but I did not do video editing but photo editing. Reminds you of Meme Somewhere Meme Premier Pro that I do editing and it was designed for YouTube.

If you make a video like YouTube video tick talk, then its title for you is the template, etc facility, just like you can make a template Etcetera made from adobe after effects, all of them are available here. If you do unboxing or blogging then this application is very good for you. Through this application, you can do advanced video editing and graphic designing, it is the most used video editing software in the world.

Color grading of Adobe Premiere Pro. Speed ​​jumping is like a PC, I can see the speed. You can see exactly the same two to one PC premiere that works in that way and for color grading, you get to see different knowledge in it. And editing the audio also gets the future here and the transition effect, whatever happens, is present here.

 Download Link:  Adobe Premiere Pro® – Video Editing Software

Video Editing Apps

The best video editing application 2020:

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro
  2. KineMaster – Video Editor
  3. Power Director
  4. VivaCut PRO
  5. Alight Motion

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