What is 5G technology and how it works? what-is-5g

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What is 5g technology and how it works?

5G is a world where everything will be very fast and very smart. Electronic devices will communicate among themselves. The car which is running on the road. They will talk among themselves and the work that you do now takes many hours.

He will be in the lunar second. Yes, 5G will not only bring speed with you, but will change your whole life, so let’s talk to you about 5G today. And tell you that.

What is 5G technology


How will 5G change your world if you see it on the top right side of your phone screen. So maybe you will see 4G, 4G LTE, or 3G written. This G means. The larger the generation the wireless network technology your G will be. That much connection will be fast. Big means not big in size but big in numbers like 2G after 3g and 3g after 4G and 4G after 5G when 1G came in 1980.

So people will be able to talk through it 1G network used to work on the analog signal. And you can just call on it. Worked on the network and you could call it.


After these 2G came in 1991, we got GPRS i.e. Global Packet Radio Service and through this, an email came on the phone and a Slow Net connection came. And then the time came for 3G and after it came, the internet connectivity on the phone became faster and reliable. And you know about 4G. Which turned your phone into a mini-computer, but 5G is different.

And it is going to be very advanced, this will be the biggest generation shift in mobile networking technology so far, the first major change will be the 5G that will bring. Superfast speed but not how fast to time 10 times or 50 times. Imagine this speed will be almost 100 times faster than 5G 4G.

For example, it used to take 15 to 20 hours to download a 2-hour HD movie on 3G. And on the same 4G, it takes you five to 6 hours to download a movie. But on 5G you will be able to download a 2-hour full HD movie in just 3.30 seconds.


So on YouTube and other platforms, today offer buffering issues. You will click here and there HD HD 4K videos will also be loaded in milliseconds. The speed of 5G will be faster than any fiber optic cable installed in your home. If you feel this knowing about the speed of 5G. That is going to be the most amazing feature of 5G.

So wait for an even bigger change that 5G will bring for you. You can also call that low latency low latency. How long it takes for the network to respond after you have given the command or clicked. It is called latency. If you place a command on a 4G network. Or click. So the response in 50 seconds to 100 milliseconds. Which is faster than blinking. Mine and your reaction time are around 300 milli-seconds but 5G will respond to you in just 1 ml.


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Meaning you will be able to do everything in real-time. Without any delay and latency. Let me explain to you by example what the benefits of low latency will be.

Imagine you are on a red light traffic route. The signal is in the light signal, there is a green screen. And lift the legs from the brake to walk. But in the next second, the brakes are applied by themselves. And she stops. This is because your car sensed that there is another car. Which is coming from the side. And that car is so fast. You will hear the sound of that car coming out by breaking the red light. And your life is saved. If your car is a motion sensor camera which is technology today.

If she had missed them, she might have had an accident but because she was talking to another help from 5G network help. So because he was talking to another car, so he knew everything from the direction of travel of the other car to the heartbreak. That could be possible due to low latency where the response time is 1 ml second. Yes, 5G will change your life like this.

After 5G, automatic vehicles and self-driving cars will come which will be connected and change your life. The machine will talk to you and will automatically do all your work on your instruction. With the help of 5G, your refrigerator will talk to you, the self-driving truck will bring your fruit vegetables, the washing machine will connect with you and this network will be a net for you and will make your life easier. Another major work of 5G will be in health care. Surgery will ease after 5G.

The doctor will be in one corner of the world and the patient will be able to operate the patient in the other corner and with the help of Robert’s hands, you will be able to do online gaming in real-time and experience everything through beer, but how will it be possible to become possible and Let’s know how 5G is so fast.


How 5G technology works?

The reason for 5G and low latency is millimeter waves, millimeter waves are the kind of radiofrequency. Your smartphone and other electronic devices use the radio frequency spectrum. And this frequency is 6 GHz. But when more smartphones are connected. So because of this, the connections are working slow.

So the network becomes slow or at night when there are fewer users. So the internet speed increases. This problem will be solvent through millimeter-wave because millimeter-wave will work from 6 GHz to 30 to 300 GHz frequency yet only radar systems and satellite themes used millimeter-wave would be able to connect 100000 devices in 5100 kilometers on 4G. 


In 5G you will be able to connect 1000000 devices in 1 square meter, but you get fast speed connectivity low latency from the millimeter web. But it also has some flaws. Millimeter-wave cannot travel very far. If a 5G mall cell, ie network box, is located 600 meters from your house. So you will not be able to get 5G connectivity as the millimeter-wave range around 300 to 400 meters. Millimeter-wave is not able to provide proper connectivity even in bed clouds and rain.

Infrastructure will be needed to make 5G accessible to everyone. And for connectivity in a small area and in the building too many small cells i.e. network boxes will have to be installed. Work is also underway on how to make the millimeter-wave easy for you. And that’s why the implementation of 5G will take a long time, how much you are waiting for 5G. We can understand 5G is coming to India soon.


What technology is used in 5g? What is 5g

Millimeter waves, millimeter waves are the kind of radiofrequency. Your smartphone and other electronic devices use the radio frequency spectrum. And this frequency is 6 GHz. The millimeter-wave will operate from 6 GHz to 30 to 300 GHz frequencies. Millimeter-wave is used in 5G technology. This is why 5G works so fast.


What is 5g – What is 5G

5G technology is the fifth generation of networked devices. Which will replace 4G LTE prominently in the near future by the Internet of Things technology. As long as you think about the history of your browser. Through 5G technology, a number of small base stations will be set up along the main tower which will serve as a booster for these signals. Often times we need a connection to focus more on one place like a cricket match or mobile world congress. But when you really use 5G.

What is 5g
What is 5G – What is 5g ComputerGanga


Which country uses 5G network?

In countries with 5G, North America, South Korea, and Japan, 5G is already being used in some places. 5G technology can be seen in the rest of the world including India this year.

Is 5g mobile available in India? 

5G technology is yet to come in India, but smartphone manufacturers have already started this technology.

What is 5G mobile?

5G has started coming with some mobiles such as Galaxy S10 (5G), Moto Z5, One Plus 5G, and LG V50, with phones like Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, already being announced, us 5 Zee’s experience is not far in the future.


What are the advantages of 5G?

  • With this technology, electronic devices will communicate among themselves.
  • Because of which the car is running on the road. They will talk to each other 5G will change our world. 
  • 5G will bring super fast speed.
  • On 5G you will be able to download a 2-hour full HD movie and file in just 3.30 seconds.
  • 5G does not have buffering issue problems.
  • Low latency
  • Fast network response time
  • Reaction time around 300 ml seconds
  • Better download and upload speed
  • 100% coverage


What is the disadvantage of 5G?

  •  5G is more expensive than other mobile network technologies.
  • 5G carries the risk of overcrowding because more devices are connected to a channel.
  • Millimeter-wave cannot travel very far.
  • At a distance of 600 meters, a 5G mall cell means a network box. So you will not get 5G connectivity.


What are the features of 5G

 Right now we know about some special 5G technology features, let’s know what are the new features of 5G technology.

  • Up to 10GB data rate in it with network improvement of 10 to 100x rate.
  • 1-millisecond latency
  • 99.99% availability is.
  • It has a high increment pick bit rate.
  • High capacity


What is the future scope of 5G technology

How will 5G change your world? 5G 5th generation technology is designed to provide incredible Internet speeds, capabilities, call volume, and the latest mobile operating systems. Therefore, it is more intelligent technology than 4G technology. This technology provides faster download and upload speeds.

5G has the potential to enable fundamentally new applications, IT industries, and business models. 5G technology helps in health, new applications, artificial intelligence, IT companies, business, and communications.

5G is the most different of these. And it is going to be very advanced, this will be the biggest generation shift in mobile networking technology so far, it will be the first big change that will bring 5G. How will 5G change your world? The arrival of 5G will revolutionize the world. Everything will start happening very fast all over the world.


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