What is Artificial Intelligence | Career and Scope of Artificial Intelligence?

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

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What is Artificial Intelligence

The term Artificial Intelligence was coined in 1956 by John McCarthy. He defined it as “science and engineering for making intelligent machines”. Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that deals with the study and design of intelligent agents that regard its environment and perform tasks that have the maximum probability of success.

Artificial intelligence can be defined as: “the ability to focus two different ideas at the same time. The ability to time and still function remains. ” But AI should include learning from past experience, Decision-making must incorporate logic, power, and quick response.

Also, it must be able to make decisions based on priorities and deal with complexity and ambiguity. Machines are programmed to function when performed by humans Gone intelligence requires, possesses artificial intelligence.

The scientific goal of AI is to understand intelligence by building computer programs that demonstrate intelligent behavior using symbolic convulsions or by reasoning by machine. AI Definition Time – is not independent. It gives the decision of any system keeping in mind the time.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

“It is a branch of computer science through which we can create intelligent machines that can behave like humans, think of machines like humans, and are able to make decisions if they are called the concept of artificial intelligence.” The year 1955 Ellen Newell and Herbert A.

What is Artificial Intelligence

AI can manifest itself in many different ways. Natural language processing makes these robots a bit finer. When you ask Siri or Cortana where the nearest gas station is, it is actually translating your voice into text, feeding it to a search engine, like a human.

Properties of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is actually like a computer or machine that are given qualities, like human qualities. AI is a broad field of computer science that makes machines feel as if they have human intelligence.

AI programs are different from normal programming languages. They are primarily written to manipulate qualitative rather than numerical information. They use declarative knowledge. Claims whose true-value algorithm is independent of context. They can induce, deduce, and sometimes infer data. They can rethink decisions by employing backtracking for solutions.

Components of Artificial Intelligence

There are four main components of artificial intelligence.

1. Expert System: 2. Problem Solvers

3. Natural Language Processing 4. Vision

The expert system handles the situation as an expert and gives a performance. To solve the heuristic problem is to evaluate the small range of solutions, it may involve some approximation to find near the optimal solution. Natural language processing provides between the human and the machine. Has the ability to automatically identify sight shapes and features etc.

Expert system is a computer program that uses AI to solve problems. an expert system is an intelligent computer program that uses knowledge and inference procedure to solve the problem.  An expert system is a system and software is provides expert advice.

Example: spelling mistakes in MS office, chess games, etc.

The expert system relies on a large database of well-defined specialized knowledge about a particular field. The creation of such programs is referred to as knowledge engineering. All such AI programs that gain expert-level competence in solving problems in work areas using knowledge about specific tasks are called knowledge-based systems or expert systems.

These programs include knowledge used by human experts, as opposed to knowledge gathered from textbooks. Because of this expert system, there are human experts like doctors, engineers, analysts, teachers, geologists, etc. who reduce the skills of an expert and recommend to less knowledgeable users.

This transfer of knowledge depends on the task and will be gradual through multiple interactions between the expert and the system. Expert systems are easier to construct than those with common sense. They represent work domains. Task means some goal-oriented, problem-solving activity and domain refers to the area within which work is being done.

There are many specialist systems that are designed to provide expert training, designing, and trouble-shooting, etc. like MYCIN, TURNX, PROSPECTOR. The expert system is still in its infancy.

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Goals of artificial intelligence

To build expert systems: systems that exhibit intelligent behavior, learn,

Demonstrates, explains, and advises its users.

To apply human intelligence in machines: creating systems that

Understand, think, learn, and behave like humans.

What is Artificial Intelligence Technology? 

In the real world, knowledge has some untouched qualities:

1. Its volume is very large, which is inconceivable.

2. It is not streamlined.

3. It varies continuously.

AI technology is a way to organize and use knowledge efficiently in this way: it must be considered by the people providing it.

1 It should be easily modified to correct errors.

2 It should be useful in many situations, although it is incomplete or incorrect.

AI technology increases the speed of execution of the complex program with which it is equipped.

What is Artificial Intelligence in computer?

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science. Artificial intelligence is also called AI in short form. To make a machine think like a human and be able to make decisions, it is called the concept of artificial intelligence. AI is a broad field of computer science that machines Feel as if they have human intelligence.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been prominent in various fields such as:

1. Gaming

Artificial intelligence plays an important role in strategic games such as chess, poker, tic-tac-toe, etc. The machine can think based on heuristic knowledge.

2. Natural Language Processing

It is possible to interact with a computer that understands the spoken natural language By humans.

3. Expert system

There are some applications that integrate machines, software, and specialized information to provide arguments and advice. They provide explanations and advice to users.

4. Vision system

These systems understand, interpret, and interpret visual input on a computer.

for example,

o A spy airplane takes photographs that are used for spatial detection of information or maps of areas.

o Physicians use a clinical specialist system to diagnose the patient.

o Police use computer software that can recognize the face of a criminal

Pictures created by forensic artists.

5. Speech recognition

Some intelligent systems are capable of listening and understanding the languages and their meaning while a human talks to it. It can handle different way such as:

Pronunciation, dirty words, background noise, human noise changes due to cold, etc.

6. Handwriting recognition

Handwriting recognition software reads text written on paper on a pen or screen by a stylus. It can recognize the size of the characters and convert them into editable text.

7. Intelligent robot

Robots are capable of performing tasks given by humans. There are sensors to detect them

Physical data from the real world such as light, heat, temperature, speed, sound, percussion, and pressure. They have efficient processors, many sensors, and huge memory, to demonstrate intelligence. Furthermore, they are able to learn from the mistakes and they can adapt to new environments.

What is Artificial Intelligence


who invented artificial intelligence?

John McCarthy is called the “founding father” of Artificial Intelligence, “the term Artificial Intelligence by John McCarthy in 1956.” He defined it as “the science and engineering for making intelligent machines”.

Nature of Intelligence

1. learn from experience. today, resources are developed systems that can learn from experience.

2. Handle Complex situation.

3. React quickly and correct to a new situation.

4. Understand the visual image.

5. Virtual reality

Career in artificial intelligence

There are 1 million job opportunities in the future, if you also want to make your career in AI, then it will be very good for you, you can do online AI course, there is a lot of salary difference in AI jobs, common jobs and AI. There is a difference of 50 to 60 percent in the salary of the job. If you want to go in this field, then you should have a good skill of mathematics in science and programs.

advantages of artificial intelligence

1.AI mainly helps us in reduction.

2. AI programmed robots can perform more laborious hard work.

3. in Daily application like Alexa, Siri, or Google assistant which are as a digital assistant.

4. AI is helping humans to lead a better life at no extra cost.

5. AI can be used in the field of medicine.

6. Available 24* 7.

7. Fast in decision taking

8. New technology updating.

Disadvantage of artificial intelligence

1. AI is very expensive to develop and maintain.

2. AI cannot replicate the human level of Intelligence.

3. Unemployment

4. lack of creativity

5. The high cost of implementation

Scope of Artificial Intelligence:

It is a branch of computer science through which we can create intelligent machines that can behave like humans, think of machines like humans, and be able to make decisions. Scope of Artificial Intelligence has scope for developing machines like game playing, speech recognition machines, language detection machines, computer vision, expert systems, robotics, visual images, virtual reality, and more.

At present time, big company Facebook Amazon IBM is using all AI, today’s Kashmir can be understood, our entire future depends on AI. 

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