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What is Ecommerce?

E-commerce is made up of two words, E and commerce, the full name of e-commerce is electronic commerce. Buying and selling goods and services online is called e-commerce. Today there are very big e-commerce companies in the market such as Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Paytm, etc. which provide the facility of doing business through the internet, through these websites, we can buy and sell good and service online from home.

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What is Ecommerce – Types of Ecommerce

Ecommerce, also known as electronic commerce or internet commerce, refers to the buying and selling of goods or services using the internet, and the transfer of money and data to execute these transactions.

What is Ecommerce – Types of Ecommerce

There are four main types of e-commerce models that can describe almost anything.

  1. Business to Business
  2. Business to Consumer
  3. Consumer to Business
  4. Consumer to Consumer
  5. Business to Administration
  6. Consumer to Administration
  1. B2B (Business to Business)
    In Business to Business B2b, a business organization sells its product to another business organization. For example, a manufacturer sells its goods to a wholesaler and a Wholesaler sells that item to the retailer.

2. B2C (Business to Consumer)
Business to consumer b2c In this type of e-commerce, the organization or company sells its product online directly to the consumer. It is the most used e-commerce, in which the customer can see in the online website and can order it, the company gets the order information. After sending their product directly to the customer, for example, amazon, .flipkart, eBay, mantra, etc., which we use these days in daily life

3. C2B (consumer to business)
A consumer to business c2b e-commerce is an economy in which consumers who donate to a product or service to a business organization, this is the opposite of the B2C model
In C2b, the customer sells his product and service to the company. For example, if you are a graphic designer, you can design your graphic and batch companies.
You can sell your graphic through websites like Fiber, Freelancer, and Upwork

Today, e-commerce is being used all over the world, through e-commerce, goods and services can be bought and sold in any corner of the world.

  1. C2C (consumer to consumer)
    Consumer to consumer c2c This type of commerce has both cellar and wire consumers, that is, a consumer sells his product to another consumer through the website. If you have a product like a laptop, car, bike or other electronic goods, etc. then you can use this item Can sell other consumers online through OLX and Quicker website
    Examples: – OLX and Quicker etc. are examples of this.
  2. B2A (business to administration)
    B2A Business Organization and Government agency exchange information through websites. The government assigns any work to a private business such as a survey of a demographic area, the company does this and informs the government
  3. C2A (consumer to administration)
    C2A (Consumer to Administration) e-commerce is called consumer to government e-commerce in which the exchange of information between the consumer and government agency takes place through the website.

what is ecommerce mean and Concepts

e banking
What is Ecommerce – Types of Ecommerce

The term “electronic commerce” is popularly known as e-commerce, and is used to mean all business operations and transactions that are performed through the internet.
Electronic Commerce is the business environment in which information for the buying, selling, and transportation of goods and services move electronically via the internet.
Electronic Commerce can be defined from four perspectives.
I. Communication Perspective
II. Business Process Perspective
III. Service Perspective
IV. Online Perspective
The internet is used in e-commerce for different business operations such as placing orders, production, pricing, making business agreements, quality testing, shipment, and delivery of goods and services.
The concept of e-commerce is an integrated approach that combines together a wide range of business activities, including inter and intra-organization communication through email, exchange of goods and services through selecting and ordering using the internet.

Advantage of E-commerce

Through e-commerce, we can transact our business to the national and international markets.
Before buying a product, we can know about that product, read the related review, and comment on it, and we can know about the quality of that product, which makes it easy to buy the goods.
We can use e-commerce 24 * 7 hours.
You can compare the features and prices of different products at home.
Sometimes customers can take advantage of additional benefits such as discount coupons.
We do any items online while sitting at home.
We can buy, we do not need to go out and buy goods.
Buyers and sellers easily start online businesses.
You can do online shopping at home from a website like Amazon and Flipkart.

Loss of e-commerce

High-speed internet is required for e-commerce. Sometimes e-commerce websites do not work due to low speed.
Knowledge of computer, mobile, and internet is necessary for e-commerce
When we buy something, it takes two to five or more days to reach that item.
Security has to be taken care of because when we make an online payment, it is necessary to have security, otherwise, the account can be hacked, credit card fraud, or our information can be stolen.

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E-Commerce Features | Features of e-commerce

Ubiquity means being everywhere. E-commerce is available everywhere and at all times. Consumers can buy or sell products at any time through an internet connection from their home or office.
Global reach:
E-commerce can spread across cultural and national boundaries and connect with consumer businesses around the world.
Universal Standards:
The same standards are used here, which is where the internet goes. These standards are shared by all countries around the world.
In e-commerce technology, there is two-way communication between the merchant and the consumer. You can do communication by email or telephone.
Advertising and brand are an important part of e-commerce. E-commerce can deliver video, audio, animation etc. Through e-commerce, we can buy and sell all kinds of goods.
Information density and Richness:
The quality of information on the Internet has greatly improved in the online shopping process, the personal details of the consumer, information of the product and payment information reach the merchant and the consumer gets the information of the product sitting at home.
E-commerce technologies allow private information. Depending on a person’s name, interest and previous purchases, a message can be sent to a specific person.

Basic Requirements of E-Commerce | E-Commerce Requirements

Client or PC Station: – Providers of a resource or service, called servers, and service requesters, called clients. A client is a computer hardware device or software that accesses a service provided by a server.
Transaction Server: – Transaction Server is a software component that is used to implement transactions. That work usually involves reading and writing shared databases. A transaction server is a special type of server that manages the operations of software-based transactions or transaction processing. It manages application and database transactions over a network or the Internet.
Database Server: – Database server is responsible for database storage, access, and processing. The database server is the term that is used to refer to the back-end system of a database application using the client and the server.
Router: – A router is a piece of network hardware that connects the local network to the Internet. Routers determine where to send information from one computer to another.
Internet Communication Line: – Electronic commerce is the use of communication networks and computers to complete the business process. The popular idea is the use of the Internet and computers along with a web browser to buy and sell e-commerce products.

Scope of e-commerce | Scope of e-commerce

There are basically three areas of e-commerce.
Electronic Market: – An electronic market is the use of information and communication technology to offer a range of offerings available in a market segment so that the buyer can compare the prices of the offerings and make a purchase decision.
Electronic Data Interchange: – EDI is an electronic interchange of business information using a standardized format. A process that allows a computer to send information to another company. EDI is a computer to business exchange between companies. EDI replaces fax and mailing of paper documents.
Internet Commerce: – Information and communication technology can also be used to advertise and sell a wide range of goods and this type of e-commerce is used by commercial use of the internet.

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