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Friends, there will be many people who have little or little information about Google, what is Google, what is google and how it works, who will be the CEO of Google, learn about it all in this post today.

What is Google – what is google

Google is America’s Multinational Corporations. Google is the world’s most popular and most used search engine in the world. This Google search engine is one of the world’s largest companies. Everyone in the world today will know Google whenever we have any If you want information about it, then we search on Google.

Google gives us the exact information Google has the answer to every question you have, it is also alternative but Google search engine gives us accurate information and Google gives us cloud computing, analytics, YouTube Gmail JC service for free Google’s own Is a web browser known as Google Chrome.

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What is google | Google online courses free |Google Services

What is google mean – what is google mean

This browser is the most used web browser in the world. Google has its own operating system, which is very popular in smartphones. Android is the most used operating system in smartphones. Now know how much Google’s income is from Google company. That income is 1 million US dollars in 1 day. Many people dream of working in a big company like Google, that is why Google is called the king of the Internet.

What is google full form – what is google full form

You must have heard many times that what is the name of Google, what is Google full form, in the beginning, Google was named Googol which means 100 zeros after 1, it meant providing information in Big Amount because of a mistake of Googol. The name was Google which today earns million rupees every day.

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Google is made up of Six-Word, Google’s full form is Global Organization of Foreign Trade Group Language of Earth “Global organization of oriented group language of Earth”.

History of Google – What is google

Above we learned what is google and now we will know that before the arrival of the history of Google it was very difficult to extract information from the Internet. In 1996, 2 students of Stanford University founded Google whose names were larry page and Sergey Brin Doing a Ph.D. from Stanford University working on a search engine project.

Their aim was to make the search engine better, better and user friendly so that we can get the right information. Today, the name of Google holds its place in the Oxford Dictionary.

When Google was a small company, at that time the big company refused to buy Google. In 1999, Tom Venture invested in Google, this investment proved to be a milestone for Google, after that Google continued to progress every year. And Google became the king of the Internet world today.

The company that was once selling itself now started buying another company in such a way that the big fish of the sea swallows the small fish living inside the sea, Google did something similar. Now every small and big company wants to work with Google.

How and where is Google used – what is google

When we do not get the answer to our question from books, then we use the Internet. The process or process of searching on the Internet is called Google. We often say that if you do not get information from somewhere, then google every information on Google.

When we download files or songs on the Internet and Google is used for software, information, audio, video and education.

Who is the owner of Google?

The owner of Google is called Larry Page and sergrey brin, he changed the definition of internet, due to which it became very easy to get information from the internet, where it was difficult to get information from the internet before, after the arrival of Google search engine, the internet It was very easy to extract information.

Who is the CEO of Google company Google of CEO?

Sundar Pichai is CEO of Google Sundar Pichai is the CEO of world’s largest internet company Sundar Pichai. His salary is around 1200 to 1500 crores every year, which is an Indian citizen.

How Googol got its name from Google

Who was named Googol before the name of Google, later it was named Google, Google’s owner larry page and sergrey brin named it Google.

Above we learned what is google and now we will know how Googol got its name. Google is based on the mathematical “Googol Gogol” which means 100 zeros in succession, the founders named the company Googol but due to some mistakes its name was Google fell, which was never corrected. Googol’s name was Google due to spelling mistake.

Whose Google is this and from which country is this company?

Google owns larry page and sergrey brin which has larry page (42.9%), and sergrey brin (41.3%) shares. Google is a US company based in the state of California and has a lot of Branches. Today Google has branches in every country. Which includes India.

Google and Jio partnership – Google or Jio partnership

Google has recently joined hands with Jio, Google has decided to have a 7.7% stake with Jio, so Google and Jio together are going to make a smartphone that will be very cheap and lightweight which will support 5G network which will have Android operating system. Google and Jio will be able to buy even the poorest of the poor, bringing together a cheaper smartphone in the market.

Jokes and cartoons made on Google

Due to the good quality of Google, many cartoons, jokes and poems have been made on it. Today, Google is also known as Google Baba. Many people have created Aarti on Google, you can see cartoon videos on YouTube.

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Google online courses free – Google online courses free

If you can do Google’s course from home, after completing the course, you also get a certificate from Google, every type of course is available on Google, you get these courses in many languages, you get free after selecting your course. In this, you have to enroll, according to the duration of your course, you can select the course that you want to do Google course for 1 month, 2 months or 6 months. There are many websites that do it in google online courses free. Top 5 can learn google online courses free.

Some important services of Google – Google service

Google gives us many services which are absolutely free, Google does not charge us for these services, through this post we will learn about some important services of Google.

Google Services ComputerGanga
What is google | Google online courses free |Google Services

Google Services

1. Blogger: Blogger is a service of Google which is very popular. You can earn money by creating a website from Blogger. Blogger is used to write blogs, in this we create free websites.
2. YouTube: If you want to watch a video about a topic or topic, then this platform is the best here, here you can find funny video, song, animation video, games, technology video, education tutorials, etc. There are videos of this is the search engine Google is Google’s own and is the second most popular search engine after Google search engine, we can do online streaming on YouTube.
3. Adsense: Adsense is Google’s service, if you want to earn money from Google, then you can use this service. Google Adsense gives more money than other AIDS networks. You can make money by adding Adsense’s ads to your YouTube channel and Blogger. Huh
4. Gmail: We use Gmail to send mail, this is called sending online letters, which is Google’s free service.
5. Translator: If you want to translate a language into another language, then you can use Google Translator, it is much better than others and translates very accurately.
6. Android: This is a mobile operating system, Android is used in smartphones, today most of the Android operating system is used.
7. Chrome: Chrome is a web browser that is used to run the internet. This browser is very popular. It is used in both mobile and computer.
8. Google Drive: If we want to store our data and information online then we can do it in Google Drive and the data is our safe and secure, in this we get 100 GB free storage, which we also call cloud storage
9. Maps: It is used to find the location and direction like you can use Google map if you want to see the location of a company.

10. Classroom: Classroom is Google’s latest service, in which students and teachers can take online classes and share documents.
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