What is Mass Communication – Best 11 Courses of Mass Communication

What is Mass Communication – Courses of Mass Communication – Where is it used?

One was our era and one is today, a lot has changed. There was a time when people did not know anything about the mass communication world and today everyone also knows the meaning of this mass communication, where and how its use would be There is a lot to know about this too, but if you want to get clear and special knowledge about Mass Communication, then definitely read this post because in this post for you, besides the Meaning of Mass Communication, about the subject related to this subject and more Has also brought a lot of interesting information, read this post in its entirety.

What is mass communication

Mass Communication
What is Mass Communication

Mass communication is a process in which a person sends a message of a group of people or an organization to a very large group and for this, a communication channel is used. This communication channel, broadcast television, radio, social media, and print media are easy to say, Mass means to communicate your message to the public through some medium, and today is the time. The digital world means even more platforms. Applications are websites. There are many more ways but Mass. If you understand communication from the exam, some of its exams were advertising, journalism, public relations, and politics.

Communication and Journalism

Now as far as communication and journalism are concerned, they are often considered to be the same. There is a lot of difference between them. Mass communication and journalism are two sides of the same coin. Mass communication would be much larger than journalism. That is, Mass Communication is a tree, if Journalism is its branch, Mass Communication is its branch. Dealing with a large group has to be done while Journalism is associated with News.

 Mass communication consists of such things as radio, TV, film direction, production, event management, public relations, and advertising whereas journalism includes things like reporting, editing, and publishing.

How to become Mass Communication and Media Professionals

If you want to become Mass Communication and Media Professionals, then it is very important for you to have all these skills, only then you will be able to go far ahead and be successful. Creativity, Confidence, Critical Thinking, Good Communication Skills, Command and Language, Writing Ability, Networking Skills, Research Skills, Observation Skills, and Problem Solving Skills

Yes, it is very important to have all these things, if you like to interact with people about the course related to it, and your interest is in making a career in media-related jobs or creative field, then you are an undergraduate and post related to Mass Communication You can do the graduate course and get a better career option by blinding your interest with skills and knowledge

Courses of Mass Communication

Talking about some important Courses of Mass Communication :

1- Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication Diploma

2- BJMC i.e. Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication

3- BJ ie Bachelor of Journalism

4- BMC Bachelor of Mass Communication

5- MJMC Master of Journalism and Mass Communication

6- MJ Master of Journalism

7- MMC Master of Mass Communication

8- PG Diploma in Mass Communication

9- PG Certificate Course in Hindi Journalism

10- PG Diploma in Hindi Journalism

11- PhD in Mass Communication

These are all courses. Talk about the eligibility criterion, so if you want to do a diploma course in Mass Communication subject then for that you will have to pass the twelfth class from a recognized board and clear your twelfth class to do an undergraduate course in mass communication Will be necessary and it has minimum 50% marks compulsory.

Best 11 Courses of Mass Communication
What is Mass Communication Best 11 Courses of Mass Communication

Admission to this course is given by different colleges either on merit basis or on the basis of entrance test, so if you want to pursue your career in the field of mass communication, then complete your school education so that your Portage Be good enough and you can easily get admission in your favorite college and university. For further postgraduate degree and diploma courses in mass communication, you need to have a graduation degree and diploma in which at least 50% marks are scored for admission. Every university has its own way

Which university gets admission on merit basis, while many universities give admission only to those who clear the entrance test, so be prepared for both situations, after knowing the eligibility criterion, now we know the top ten mass communication end of India About media college.

mass communication best colleges in India

1- Symbiosis institute of media and communication (SIMC), Pune

2- Lady Shri ram college for women, Delhi

3- christ university, Bangalore

4- Manipal institute of communication, Manipal

5- Amity school of communication, Noida

6- Delhi college of Arts & Commerce, New Delhi

7- Indraprastha college for women, New Delhi

8- K.C.college of arts, science, and commerce, Mumbai

9- Kamala Nehru college for women, Delhi

10- Madras Christian College, Chennai

And now you know about some special courses in Mass Communication and Media

• Film making

• Media planning

• Video editing (post-production)

• Direction

• Acting

• Visual communication

• Electronic media (TV radio online)

• Camera handling and lighting

• Anchoring and reporting

• Print Media

Mass communication field scope

So how much scope is there in the field of mass communication and how much interest in this field, you will know about the job profile associated with this field, so let us now know about the job profile associated with mass communication in which mass communication, advertising, Job management related to event management and public relations, let’s talk about mask communication job profile

Desk writers



Sound mixer and sound recorder

Radio jockey


TV / Radio producer




Public relation officer

Blog writer

Scriptwriter and many more …………

Also, talk about the advertising job profile

Client services manager


Creative director

Art director

Market research executive

Media planner and many more ………….

Talk about event management job profile

Event planner

Event manager

Stage decorator

Wedding planner

Logistics manager

Let’s further talk about the public relations ie (PR) job profile

PR officer

Account planner

Account manager

PR manager

Celebrity manager

Talking about the top companies that hire the mess communication candidate

Hindustan Times group of publication

NDTV network

ZEE TV network

Times of India publication group


TV 18 group


Big Entertainment

What is the salary of mass communication

As far as salary is concerned, you can earn the desired earnings in mass communication, provided you have innovative and creative ideas, in which field of mass communication you will start a job, your salary will depend on it, still as a guess and a fresher As a nominal organization you will get a salary of 10,000 to 20,000 every month and if you join a big organization, then this salary can be 20,000 to 40000 as well.

What is the scope of mass communication

There is so much scope in this field that once you have become an expert in your field, you will not need to count your salary because you will start earning more than your expectation, then you have all the information related to mass communication, so if you are interested in this field, then listen to the right course for yourself and get ready to pursue your career in the right direction.

What is mass communication meaning

In simple words, mass communication is called mass communication to reach the public through some medium, and today is the time. The digital world means more platforms. Applications are websites. There are many more ways but mass communication is an example If you understand, some of its exams were advertising, journalism, public relations

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