Supercomputer | What is Super computer With Full Information

what is super computer

Nowadays we are living in the era of information technology. And this technology cannot work without computers. Whatever information and knowledge we get. All this has been possible due to the computer. The computer we use in our everyday life is called an ordinary computer. Simple tasks such as doing small calculations, making powerpoints, typing text, watching a picture, playing a picture are done from a normal computer.

A part of ordinary computers, there is another computer which is used to accomplish big tasks. That computer shows a lot of calculations in a few minutes, compared to a normal computer. Also tells about the weather. It is also used in making big machines. Also does the work of collecting information about natural resources. Which does all these big things? That computer is called a super computer. So first we will know what is a supercomputer.

Supercomputer | What is Supercomputer With Full Information
what is super computer

what is super computer with full Information?

Before we learn about supercomputers, we will try to understand what a computer is. A computer is a general-purpose machine. Which takes data from the user through input devices such as keyboard and mouse. Then processes that data and outputs the user after the process. A normal computer works in a similar way. But supercomputer work is much more and faster. Supercomputers are used there. Where large calculations are required in real-time with very high power and high speed.

A supercomputer does not do the same work at the same time as a normal computer, but he has the ability to do countless tasks at a time. Because the supercomputer works on parallel processing instead of serial processing. Ordinary computers use serial processing to accomplish tasks in which only one task is done at a time. Meaning that after the completion of one task, the process of another work starts, due to which the process of work in it is slow.

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But supercomputers have thousands of processors. Which are capable of counting billions per second. A supercomputer uses parallel processing to complete the task. In which it divides a task into smaller parts and each microprocessor completes the task given in each of the parts at the same time at a faster speed. The largest and powerful supercomputers use parallel processing, which can do any process fast and in time, in supercomputers, many microprocessors work together to solve any complex problem quickly. A computer is said to be super based on the ability that does how many calculations. Supercomputers can make one billion designs in 1 second.

Supercomputer | What is Supercomputer With Full Information

Supercomputer speed is calculated in flops. While the speed of an ordinary computer is calculated in MIPS. Talking about the operating system, when the new supercomputers started, they worked on the Unix operating system. But with the change in time and technology, most new supercomputers now use Linux operating system.

However, manufacturers also change the operating system according to their requirements. Apart from Linux, centos, bull, or cray Linux operating systems are used. Most supercomputers are used for scientific work. So sometimes Traditional programming language and Modern programminglanguage like c, c ++ is used in it. The supercomputer is better than an ordinary computer in every way.

Therefore, its price is also very high. Buying it is beyond the common man’s price of a super computer depends on how much flop speed is calculated. The faster the supercomputer, the higher the price. That means the flow will be more expensive and its height is also much higher. That’s why supercomputers cost so much. It costs 200 million dollars to 100 million dollars. The size of the supercomputer also depends on this. That supercomputer is made up of how many computers.

A supercomputer consists of 10, 100, and 1000 or more computers. And all these computers work together. Now we will know where supercomputers are used.

Where is a super computer used?

Supercomputers are used especially in such areas. Where a lot of calculations are required in a few seconds. Traditionally, supercomputers are mostly used for scientific and engineering applications so that it can handle large databases. And also talk about the performance that a large amount of computational operation can do. Only then you work thousands of times faster than a computer. Supercomputers are very powerful and expensive.

That is why it is used right there. Where very large and fast calculations have to be done, apart from this, it is also needed in special operations. Weather forecasting is called weather forecast. Compiling genes called gene synthesis is climate research called climate research. And when it comes to doing things like mathematics modeling etc. Then we really need computer power. In such a situation, super computers are more useful. Now we will know when and who made the supercomputer.

When and who made supercomputers?

If you know about the history of computers then you will find it. That no one person built a supercomputer. Rather many people gave their contribution from time to time, then somewhere we got to see such a huge and powerful machine, but where the matter is about supercomputers.

Who invented the supercomputer?

A big credit for this goes to Seymour Cray. Because their contribution is the highest in making supercomputers. He can also be called the father of supercomputers. The world’s first supercomputer was built in 1960 by cray. Which was named CDC1604 America’s 2 fastest supercomputers in the world? Both of these computers have names. summit or sierra Both use IBM technology summit was crowned the fastest computer in the world in June 2018. China’s Sunway taillight was the fastest computer before the summit, with an estimated value of 273 million dollars.

10 fastest supercomputers country

Overall, 5 of the 10 fastest supercomputers in the world are American 2 China and 1-1 Switzerland, Japan, and Germany. India is also second to none in this case.

Supercomputers of India?

It also has the five fastest supercomputers. Those named pratyush Cray XC40, shastra Cray XC40, Aditya IBM / Lenovo system, IIT Delhi HPC, Param Yuva 2 India got their first supercomputer in 1991. Its name was param 8000 This was India’s own supercomputer, which was not purchased from any country. Its name is derived from the Sanskrit word which was meant. Above all means the Supreme. India’s most modern supercomputer is pratyush. Pratyush cray XC40c is India’s fastest supercomputer as of January 2018. Its memory is 1.5 terabytes. This supercomputer is located at IITM, Pune.

What is the speed of supercomputer of India?

The top speed of India’s supercomputer is 42.56 TFLOPS per second. This supercomputer was created with the objective of better understanding the weather and weather. It can investigate and predict changes in weather like a monsoon, flood, drought, cyclone, wind speed in India. Supercomputers have been used in India for research in medical and education.

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Today we learned what is super computer? And when and who made supercomputers? All the information related to these must have been found through this post so that you can get complete information so that you do not have to go anywhere else, if there is any problem related to the post, then please tell in the comment box below so that we can solve your problem.

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